Road Safety Petition – Oakham Rd & Av, New Rowley Rd & Buffery Rd.

Marco Longhi MP is working alongside community champion, Sajid Hanif to request the police and council to set up traffic observation to tackle speeding on; Oakham Rd & Av, New Rowley Rd and Buffery Rd.

We the undersigned petition the Council to measure traffic speed in and around new Oakham Rd & Av, New Rowley Rd and Buffery Rd – with a view to introducing road safety measures tackle dangerous driving.

Let's make St Thomas's a better and safer place for all. 

Road Safety

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1.1. Do you support the call to bring in traffic speeding checks in St Thomas's?
1.2. Do you support the new Community Hub plans the Council, Marco and Sajid are working on?