Budget to ‘get things done’ for families across the West Midlands

Budget to ‘get things done’ for families across the West Midlands


People living and working across the West Midlands will benefit from today’s Budget as the Conservatives deliver on the promises made to the British people, investing in infrastructure, the NHS and public services across the region.


The plans outlined by Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, will get things done and provide security for now while laying the foundation for prosperity in the future.


The Budget marks the start of record level of investment in the people’s priorities - infrastructure, the NHS and public services – to ensure the promises in the General Election in December are kept and the potential of every part of the United Kingdom, including the West Midlands, is unleashed.


Increases in the National Insurance threshold and the National Living Wage announced today will mean families keep more of the money they earn, while tens of millions of pounds of investment in the region’s roads, rail, housing, broadband and flood defences will ensure everyone can have the same chances and opportunities in life wherever they live.


Thanks to the measures taken today, someone working full-time on the minimum wage in the West Midlands will be over £5,200 better off compared to ten years ago when the Conservatives’ came into office.


Conservative MP for Dudley North, Marco Longhi, said today’s Budget proves this Government ‘will get things done’ for thousands of families across his constituency.


Today’s announcements for the West Midlands include:


  • Creating a £4.2 billion Local Public Transport Fund for combined authority areas to dramatically improve bus and train services in their areas       . We will grant £4.2 billion devolved capital funding to the eight combined authority areas, allowing their elected leaders to invest in dramatically improving local train and bus services. Starting in 2022-23, we will provide a settlement for the West Midlands Combined Authority from this fund and build on their existing devolved Transforming Cities Fund allocations.


  • Investing £700 million on major strategic road schemes over the next five years. This will upgrade key junctions in Coventry, Walsall and at Birmingham airport. We will also begin planning the A5 Tamworth to Hinkley, supporting growth and housing.


  • Providing £54 million of additional funding for local road maintenance through the Potholes Fund in 2020-21.


  • Ensuring the West Midlands receives its share of funding for flood and coastal defences. The following locations will benefit from at least the following levels of funding: £23 million for the Severn Valley, £7 million for Tamworth and £7 million for Solihull, helping to better protect over 3,500 properties.


  • Providing £20 million for the Midlands Rail Hub – a series of upgrades to improve connections between cities and towns across the Midlands. We will also devolve over £160 million for the Eastside Metro extension and Phase One Sprint bus rapid transit network to the West Midlands Combined Authority, helping to accelerate delivery of the schemes.


  • Delivering £21.3 million for a Trade, Tourism and Investment Programme to take full advantage of the opportunities of the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games. This will ensure a strong legacy of economic benefits for the West Midlands and the country from this exciting sporting event.


  • Providing £79.5 million for housing investment in the North Warwickshire A5 corridor to deliver 3,880 homes.


Commenting, Marco Longhi MP said:


“Last year’s election gave a clear verdict. Now the people’s Government is delivering a Budget which delivers on our promises to the British people – it is a Budget of a government that gets things done.


“Investment will reach record levels over the next five years, as the Conservatives commit to levelling up across the country – benefitting families and businesses in all corners of the country including Dudley North.


“I am delighted that we have set out measures to support families and help them with the cost of living, while continuing to invest in Britain’s future responsibly – laying the foundations for a decade of growth and prosperity.


“This is the first Budget delivered outside of the EU for more than five decades. It sets out a clear, one nation, path for the Government to get things done.”