Calls for better parking at Russells Hall Hospital

Local residents have complained after facing repeated costs at Russells Hall Hospital. Some of those visiting including those turning up for treatment and relatives making multiple visits per week are paying repeatedly to park at the hospital.

Marco recently visited the hospital in an attempt to promote a parking pass scheme which would let people park multiple times for lower cost. However, upon arrival, Marco found that the travel claims office was shut and there were no leaflets giving details of the scheme. When asked how people are meant to apply to redeem their travel costs, he was told that people need to make the approach to staff themselves when on the ward.

Marco says "This scheme has the potential to reduce costs for those visiting Russells Hall Hospital but instead, it is not advertised, the office isn't always manned and people have to ask about it whilst they are on the ward. I don't think this is acceptable and I am calling on the hospital to actively promote the scheme. By approaching visitors and patients about the schemes availability, and having leaflets explaining the process available, those visiting will be able to reduce their parking costs considerably".

Marco has called on the Hospital to promote the parking pass scheme and to raise awareness of the travel cost redemption scheme.