Gornal Green Belt at risk

South Staffordshire District Council have begun a review of the Green Belt land surrounding Gornal. There has already been a reduction in the grading of the Green Belt on two fields, creating more justification for the removal of the Green Belt status and the building of approximately 800 houses. Sections of this land have also been identified in a ‘call for sites’, where developers are expected to submit proposals for the building of new homes.

This land is located at the following locations, north of Sandyfields Road, west of The Straits, and north of Brick Kiln Lane/Himley Road. This is part of a proposal by South Staffordshire District Council to place around 4,000 homes on the border of the Black Country. This would destroy the Green Belt and defy the purpose of its designation, which is to prevent urban expansion. One such proposal has already been submitted by a developer.

There is a petition to call upon South Staffordshire District Council to stop any changes to the Green Belt status and prevent the building of housing, which we urge everyone to sign. Additionally, the Green Belt Study which involves making recommendations to change the status of the Green Belt is currently open to consultation. It is important that local residents take this opportunity to oppose the change of Green Belt status and object to any potential house building on this land. The closing date for the consultation is on the 12th December 2019 so it is vital that we get as many local people as possible to object as soon as possible.

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Please click here to sign the petition