Marco Longhi MP lobbies ministers to help reopen Dudley Zoo

On Thursday, the House of Commons will discuss the crisis facing zoos and aquariums as they remain on the list of businesses that must stay closed in the UK. Member of Parliament for Dudley North, Marco Longhi, is hoping to be called to speak in this adjournment debate in Parliament.  

The British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA) and the All Party Parliamentary Group for Zoos and Aquariums, chaired by Andrew Rosindell MP, has secured time in the commons to debate the need to support organisations dedicated to animal welfare and conservation during this pandemic. 

Marco Longhi, Member of Parliament for Dudley North, said:  

During this pandemic I have often been in touch with the Zoo to see what I could do to help and as a great animal lover and visitor of Dudley Zoo I understand the unique set of circumstances they are facing. 

I am lobbying at the highest levels in government to have Dudley Zoo reopened safely with social distancing measures in place. I cannot justify how it is ok for people to queue for ages outside in a car park and then to walk around inside a large shop like IKEA, but not be able to visit and walk around our zoo - which is a safer outdoor activity. 

We owe it to the zoo's staff, who I am sure have gone well above and beyond their remit to look after and care for the animals there. The best way to support them and our great zoo is to get it reopened and it will provide a great outdoor activity for people and families at the same time.”