South Staffordshire Green Belt Study - How to object

The consultation period ends on the 12th December for the review of the Green Belt. It is best that you use your own words to object to the proposals. Please reference the following documents and sites as the basis for your objections.

  • South Staffordshire Green Belt Study
  • Promoted sites 560, 565, 566, included as part of site locations S71b and S71c.

We suggest that you look at the comments below and use this as a basis of your own objection.

“In the South Staffordshire Local Plan Review, only Walsall and Wolverhampton have an unmet housing need, Dudley does not. Gornal and Sedgley suffer from oversubscribed schools, highly congested roads and an insufficient number of GP surgeries. The addition of approximately 800 houses as an urban expansion without the incorporation of extra infrastructure, GP surgeries and schools will inevitably cause significant pressure on our infrastructure.

In addition to the inadequate infrastructure as things are currently, the proposed developments do not incorporate any public transport provision into Wombourne and South Staffordshire. This will create a burden on services which already are oversubscribed and cannot cope with an increase in demand.

We believe that Green Belt development is inappropriate when there is a large supply of brownfield sites that remain undeveloped and a blight on local communities. Building on our Green Belt land is contrary to widely held concerns around the environment, wildlife and biodiversity.

There would inevitably be an increase in noise, light pollution, a reduction in air quality and a further impact on human health. There will be an increase in traffic of approximately 1,500 to 2,000 vehicles in the local area, adding significant pressure to already congested routes.

The proposed developments are not National Planning Policy Framework compliant and would extend in close proximity to ancient woodland. The development would also need to alter a natural brook, which will cause harm to local wildlife and biodiversity. The proposed sites are also close to Himley Hall which is a site of important cultural heritage”.

You can write your objection to the following address or email

Strategic Planning Team,

South Staffordshire Council,

Council Offices,

Wolverhampton Road,


South Staffordshire,

WV8 1PX.