Statement by Marco Longhi MP – The Black Country Flag.

Following reports that Fire Brigade bosses tried to stop the Black Country Flag from been displayed on Black Country Day due to ‘racist’ connotations, Member of Parliament for Dudley North Marco Longhi stated

“I am disappointed and angry to hear that Fire Brigade bosses are attacking a piece of art that reflects our proud industrial heritage.

“The Black Country Flag is known all over the world, it is a great shame these bosses seem to have no understanding of what it represents and what it means to the people of the Black Country.

“I suggest that the Fire Brigade bosses reflect on their decision and instruct local fire stations to fly the flag with pride. I also believe an apology is due to Gracie Sheppard who designed the flag when she was a schoolgirl. This is political correctness gone mad and will no doubt anger the vast majority of Black Country folk.

“I am more than happy to meet with the out-of-touch bosses, who have tried to politicise the Black Country Flag, to aid their understanding of our proud history and traditions. I will continue to fly my Black Country Flag in Westminster!”