Calls for better parking at Russells Hall Hospital

Local residents have complained after facing repeated costs at Russells Hall Hospital. Some of those visiting including those turning up for treatment and relatives making multiple visits per week are paying repeatedly to park at the hospital.

Marco welcomes £2bn cash injection for the NHS

A £2bn blitz to help NHS patients and doctors has been announced by the Government. The doctors, the nurses, the managers of the NHS — they are all doing great things.

Support this campaign to halt greenbelt destruction

A campaign group fighting plans to build on greenbelt land on the outskirts of Wolverhampton has attracted around 2,000 members in just 48 hours.

I fully support the campaign to stop this destruction of greenbelt which is wholly unnecessary.

How the main political parties now stand on Brexit

While reminding ourselves how the West Midlands voted in the 2016 EU referendum (1,755,687 people voted for Leave, while 1,207,175 voted Remain - that's 59% in favour of Leave) we can now see with greater clarity how the main parties stand on Brexit.