Marco's young voter survey

You may have recently joined the electoral register.

I’m Marco Longhi, your local MP. I want to say a quick hello – and let you know that you can get in touch at any time. 

I’ve worked with residents like you to come up with a long-term plan for our area. With a long-term plan, we can take the action that will help our local economy grow – and protect the services and facilities we all enjoy. But I haven’t had a chance to hear from you. So why not fill in this survey? It only takes a few minutes – and your views will help me understand what needs to keep improving. Please get in touch if I can help with any problems.

Young Voters

  • 1 Current National Issues
  • 2 Get involved
  • 3 Your details
2.3. Which of these issues are most important to you ? Pick three
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On the scale of 0-10, 0 means there would be no chance of you voting for the party and 10 means you would be absolutely certain to vote for the party.