About Marco

Marco Longhi is the Member of Parliament for Dudley North.

I have the privilege to be the new Member of Parliament for Dudley North, the first time ever that the constituency has returned a Conservative.

With roots firmly set in the West Midlands, a local Black Country businessman and Councillor for 20 years I am extremely keen that our voice is heard not just in Parliament but in the corridors of Whitehall where for too long decisions have been made by people whose priorities are London/South East centric.

I was recently the Mayor of Walsall where I made it a priority of mine to support a local mental health charity and local businesses to create more jobs for local people.

As the Mayor I chaired the Armed Forces Covenant and I have always had a strong interest and respect for all our forces.

As a young man I trained as an aircraft Pilot but I soon reverted to work in engineering not long having gained my licence. Following my degree in Civil Engineering at Manchester University I joined an Oil & Gas Exploration company and worked in South America for five years in this field.

On returning to the UK I retrained and worked in industry across the UK and this is when I developed an interest in local and national politics.

I am a passionate Brexiteer. I believe our own Parliament should determine our laws and everything that flows from these, but even more fundamentally I can see the enormous benefits that our democratic system of government has (for all its imperfections) over any other system I have seen while living and working overseas.

I am a passionate campaigner who fights to represent the people of Dudley North. I am lobbying for fairer parking at Russells Hall Hospital and continue to fight against the removal of the Green Belt.

My other passion is family, and making sure that politics delivers for people.

You can view Marco's plan for Dudley North by clicking here.