An update on the Green Belt petition

I just wanted to give you this quick update as a result of signing our online petition and requesting to be kept updated.

The first thing I would like to do is acknowledge the tremendous effort of a small number of people who have been active in so many ways: collecting signatures, persuading people to email/write letters to South Staffs Council, Facebook posts, poster design/print and installation at people’s houses. I am also aware of people who printed many thousands of copies of the letter I suggested we send to South Staffs.

We have now collected an amazing 3200 signatures petitioning South Staffs Council. Of these approx. 1500 were collected online and the rest were through the hard work of people knocking on doors and leaving petition sheets in shops etc. A huge ‘well done!’ to everybody involved.

The petition has been handed to South Staffs Council and we now await their response. We have shown them how strongly we feel about retaining Green Belt and we have provided them with valid reasons for our objections. Let’s hope they do the right thing and decide to not include the land in their Local Plan for potential development.

That said, if they do continue with their intentions, we will put up an almighty fight and do everything we can to stop them.