The Very Light Rail Innovation Centre coming to Dudley

Following the announcement from the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, Robert Jenrick MP, about the Very Light Rail Innovation Centre coming to Dudley, Marco Longhi MP said: “This £12.3M investment enables the VLR scheme to go ahead and it is yet another example of this government, led by PM Boris Johnson, keeping its promises. When the PM came to Dudley, he delivered a vision for the country, but more importantly he set out a roadmap for places like Dudley where we have suffered the consequences of jobs lost to the Far East over decades.

“I have often spoken about the forgotten communities in industrial heartlands like Dudley and this investment is evidence of a government backing us. This will bring jobs; it will bring connectivity and opportunities. But the additional investment in skills with the Institute of Technology, the new Leisure Centre, the Metro and the development replacing Cavendish House we can look forward to a very exciting future with opportunities for all.”

“We are building, building and building!”