Road Safety Campaign

During the course of the last few years, and in response to local peoples’ worries about speeding cars on New Rowley Road and Bunns Lane, I campaigned and lobbied Dudley Council to install traffic calming measures on these roads. 

Unfortunately their response was to say that not enough ‘harm incidents’ had been reported to them. In other words, we have to wait for people to be killed or injured before they act. I think this is ridiculous and I have tried repeatedly to change their stance - but it is the Council’s decision. 

I have again challenged their stance also because I know that there are many incidents that simply do not get reported onto their systems. 

I have recently written again to the Chief Executive and Leader of the Council - repeating evidence of harm accidents on New Rowley Road and on Bunns Lane.

Please support my campaign by completing the short survey form below. 

Thank you in advance, let’s together try and PREVENT harm from happening in the first place. 

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Do you support accident reducing traffic calming measures to be installed on New Rowley Road and Bunns Lane?
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