Marco's Plan

Marco has published his "MyPlan" to show residents what he is fighting for.

1. Let's get Brexit done





We must get Brexit over the line. Dudley North voted by over 70% to leave the European Union. Marco has pledged to respect the vote of Dudley people by supporting all efforts to leave the EU.

2. Putting more police on our streets

Marco fully backs Boris' plan to recruit 20,000 police officers. The West Midlands has already begun recruitment towards this target and Marco is helping to make sure that Dudley get's its fair share of those new officers.

3. More cash for our schools

Funding per pupil is set to increase over the course of this Parliament. Marco is also supporting efforts to increase the number of good or outstanding schools within Dudley North.

4. More money for our NHS

£33.9 Billion is being given to our NHS and for the first time in its history, this pledge will be enshrined in law. As well as increased funding, Marco is campaigning to improve local NHS services.

5. Supporting our local high streets

Working with West Midlands Mayor Andy Street and Dudley Council, Marco is calling for extra support for our local high streets and businesses.

6. Protecting our Green Belt

There is substantial green belt land surrounding Dudley, which has recently come under threat. Marco is against all encroachment by developers onto green belt land and will fight it at every opportunity.