Russells Hall Hospital Parking

I am fighting to make sure that staff, patients and their families, get a fair deal from the Hospital.

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Petition to improve car parking at Russells Hall Hospital

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We the undersigned wish to register our dissatisfaction with parking arrangements at Russells Hall Hospital and request that the Board undertake:

short term measures by

- Revising the current schemes and increase the number of parking passes available from the current 40 which patients and visitors widely consider to be inadequate.

- Ensuring that parking pass schemes are widely and visibly advertised, such as at the ticket entrance machine (as other hospitals do), at the hospital reception, on notice boards and on the wards.

- Ensuring that ward staff ask patients and visitors if they have applied for a parking pass.

- Ensuring that the desk managing car park pass applications is open throughout the day (including lunchtime), so that visitors may access the pass scheme at all times.

longer term measures by

- Negotiating with adjacent landowners and the Council for options to secure more parking spaces for staff, patients and all visitors.

- Undertaking a study to consider how to better manage current parkingĀ and options to create more parking spaces.


Calls for better parking at Russells Hall Hospital

Local residents have complained after facing repeated costs at Russells Hall Hospital. Some of those visiting including those turning up for treatment and relatives making multiple visits per week are paying repeatedly to park at the hospital.